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National Institutes of Health

Web-based Biological Informatics Solution

Client: National Institutes of Health (NIH), Division of Veterinary Resources (DVR)

Client Scenario: The DVR supports a 250 medical and scientific user population spread across multiple NIH facilities. The majority of the clientele are scientists and physicians with advanced educational degrees performing critically sensitive live animal experiments. These medical professionals access databases on application servers to track serology test reports on their test subjects.
The NIH Veterinary Research required the ability to expeditiously check the health of any campus animal facility so scientist could make informed decisions regarding the safety of labs throughout the NIH campus. Over time, several different “home grown” solutions had been built to varying degrees of success throughout the NIH Veterinary community. DVR requires a contractor to provide the analysis and implementation of a centralized biological information resource to support their customers’ veterinary research.

QuTech Solution: As the goal of the Health Surveillance project was to provide the NIH community with real time information regarding the outbreak of diseases in NIH animal facilities, QuTech migrated the many disparate systems to one .NET web-based solution. Initially, QuTech gathered an understanding of the stakeholders’ diverse requirements and incorporated critical risk analysis and mitigation factors for effective systems planning and development. We created the project plan for the application development and server migration and created cutover scripts to ensure a smooth transition from the legacy systems. The migration included several upgrades including transitioning from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003, from Office 2000 to Office 2003, and migrating from Citrix Feature Release 1 to Feature Release 3. The resulting centralized web-based system for gathering, analyzing, and disseminating animal biological health surveillance information to the NIH community provided DVR with the necessary tool to support their customers’ needs. QuTech produced the training material and conducted training for approximately
250 users throughout the organization.

Client’s Comments: I am delighted to personally notify you that you have been selected as a member of the NIH Rodent Health Surveillance Web Development Team to receive the OD Merit Honor Award. You are receiving this award in recognition of the development and implementation of a web-based health surveillance reporting system.

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