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US Army Corps of Engineers

IT Service Desk, NOC, SOC Consolidation

Client: Headquarters, US Army Corps of Engineers (HQUSACE)

Client Scenario: Several contractors in varius offices supported HQUSACE technical operations. There was a significant lack of coordination among the vendors regarding LAN and Windows server operations, often causing downtime for the end users. In addition, the central IT Support organization did not have the resources to support all users equally, creating a gap between the well-funded office and the not-so-well funded offices. HQUSACE required a contractor to consolidate, standardize, and improve service delivery for all IP operations for the Headquarters and related organizations.

QuTech Solution: QuTech planned and implemented a centralized technical support organization and consolidated all LAN operations into a common operations environment. QuTech’s IT Service Desk provided all HQUSACE users with common processes and technical support measured against stringent performance-based metrics. During the course of the effort, QuTech migrated three distinct email systems to a common Exchange platform, centralized all servers into a common data center, and migrated desktop technologies several times as hardware and operating system evolved.

QuTech’s centralized IT Service Desk established a “one-stop-shop” for all supported users to get technical support, as well as guidance, on the latest technology deployments and regulatory restrictions related to the IT environment. The transitory nature of the Headquarters organization made QuTech’s one-place-to-call solution invaluable to the frequent travelers and visitors supporting HQUSACE. QuTech also established a LAN Technical Users Group (LANTUG) to bring together the technical points of contact in each office into a common planning and communications group, minimizing the confusion and burden on the end users when new deployments of technology upgrades were initiated. Finally, QuTech provided a central source for IT Security including policy review, technology analysis and deployment, centralized antivirus and patching, and Certification and Accreditation of both Unclassified and Classified systems in the environment.

Client’s Comments: Human Resources would like to thank the (QuTech) staff of the Helpdesk for all of their efforts. The team members of the Helpdesk from Jeff H on down epitomize the meaning of customer service.

Citation read by Command General, at Grass Roots Award Ceremony

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